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Are you someone who often hears about Artificial Intelligence (AI) but is not sure what it is? Have nothing to do with computer science, coding, etc? Going about your normal life but a bit curious about this new creature called AI?

But Why Chutney?

Why bring chutney into a “high-tech” subject like AI? Well, for three reasons:

(1) Like chutney is a tasty fusion of ingredients like vegetables, fruits, spices, and water, AI is also a fusion of data, software, math, and hardware. (2) Chutney is usually hot, and who can deny that AI is the hottest technology around? (3) The third reason is personal: my wife.

Einstein famously said, “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” In my case, the challenge is to unravel the mysteries of AI for my wife, a professional with two master’s degrees but with very limited exposure to AI. She also happens to have a great fondness for chutneys. Now you know why chutneys come into play!

All posts on this website are in a simple Q&A format. Please click below to begin your AI journey.

Demystifying AI

Enjoy my recent talk, titled “Demystifying Artificial Intelligence” for ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers):

As a mechanical engineer, I’ve observed a concerning trend among professionals from traditional engineering disciplines such as chemical, civil, or electrical. While they enjoy expertise in their respective domains, many are uncertain about AI—a perilous knowledge gap.

To bridge this gap, I provide a concise 2.5-hour training aimed at demystifying AI for engineers without a computer science or IT background. This is a kind of “initiation” in AI for non-AI engineers.


I am a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, currently working as an HVAC consultant in Singapore. I hold a “Specialist Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Engineers” from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore.

To know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn page. You’re welcome to contact me at:

atul[at]atulmathur[dot]com | WhatsApp: +65 9489 6150

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